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I see you there. . .


And suddenly everything's organized.
HELLO and thank you for harboring some sort of interest in my art, which indirectly leads you wandering astray into my Lair ( this page here )~

My lair is full of funfacts and goodies and stuff about ~the artist ( me )~, and it's always changing with the more I learn. So keep checking back, you might see something new that you like. In the gallery, or even on my page~

I'm also not nearly as intimidating as I sometimes like to make myself sound, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I'm all ears! Or... Eyes. Depends on how you ask. c:

Art Status

Art Stuff


To-Do List

Something Need Doing?

1. Psychofoxpickle -- THE PERVERSE FOX
2. Slowly-Sharuu -- NEW PERSON
3. MonochromeBambi -- THE SINGLE-COLORED DEER

1. Violet-Snow Full Color [3/9] TRANSProgressBar 050 by z-stellmaria Coloring
--> Sadpriest & Co. + cheebs for bambi + 1 cheebs + something special
2. MonochromeBambi Chibi [1/3] TRANSProgressBar 025 by z-stellmaria Inking
--> Chibi Trio of OCs
3. devLainwood TRANSProgressBar 000 by z-stellmaria Sketching
--> Anthro + crossdressing elfie

[ lolit'sakey ]
TRANSProgressBar 000 by z-stellmaria Sketching
TRANSProgressBar 025 by z-stellmaria Inking
TRANSProgressBar 050 by z-stellmaria Coloring
TRANSProgressBar 075 by z-stellmaria Shading
TRANSProgressBar 100 by z-stellmaria Complete

Waiting for. . .

My Peeps

My DA Family

Awesome artist, Awesome sister
Silver spork on display in a glass case

List of Designated Stalkers


Generally Amazing People


RolePlay Groups!

:iconwinds-of-ameta: :iconechoes-of-eclipse:

Common Customers

Commissions Closed since July 14th; Common Customer Statuses shall be refreshed when I reopen them

Violet-Snow until 8/4/2013
Violinscry until 7/30/2013
MorseAmalgam until 7/30/2013
Taramira until 8/10/2013

One Commission From Common Customer: -5$
AlySedai until 7/30/2013


Moving accounts! -->… 

9 deviants said *scurries off to follow*


[IMPORTANT]: Switching Accounts!

Thu Oct 24, 2013, 3:33 AM

There are a few lingering things and mistakes I have made here, so to clear my record, I'm switching accounts! It's nothing serious at all, I promise.
^ I can be found there now. See ya soon. c:

I will be deactivating this account in a week. If there is anything you would like to save, do so now, because after I do, there will be no more of it!

In the most loving way,
Elly / Eli Blackwood.

Meet the Artist

I don't bite!
Hard. >:}

Or "Elly" for short
Crazy | mildly flirtatious | possibly sadistic

There is much more behind my seemingly "fake" nice-girl demeanor. People have taken note of the attitude change from the LAST ~remix~ of my page, called me out on being a pretender, as I put in fluffier terms, and proceeded to hit the road.

Whale. I'm still going to be KIND, I just won't be FLUFFY about it, because apparently people disliked the fact that I was trying to be a little bit more professional. So now, you can watch my art and have fun with me too, as I expand my horizons and plan world domination. c:
Elly Returns! by Lacryel


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Hey Lacryel! Happy New Year, here is the Year End Feature,
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Woman. Why we no say Hi anymore.   I dunno if you remember, me, but it's Sovann from Wyrmrest. :I We stopped RPing to look at each other's urt~ ^__^
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Hello <3

I just wanted to know, where are you with my journal skin ? :meow:

I'm not rushing you, take your time <3 That's just by curiosity x3

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Welcome to Mystical-Forest :iconmystical-forest:

Thank you for joining! Feel free to share your lovely work with us!! :iconsayhiplz:

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